The primary care data are near real time, longitudinal and representative of the UK population and can be linked to a range of health-related datasets.

CPRD is a government research service and operates on a cost-recovery basis. We do not charge for data but we do apply charges to cover the cost of delivering our real world data access service including processing, governance and access infrastructure. We ensure charges are applied fairly and consistently, broadly determined by the amount of effort and approvals required.

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. 

The prices below are applicable from April 2023. 


Data access licensing options

Access to CPRD data can be provided by a multi-study annual licence or on an individual study dataset licence basis.

Multi-study annual licence (MSL) to CPRD primary care data

Data from CPRD GOLD and CPRD Aurum can be accessed for any number permitted studies within the licence terms over a 12-month period: 

Price £45,000 £82,500 £363,000
Data Access
CPRD GOLD Primary Care Database via Multi Study Licence ü ü ü
CPRD Aurum Primary Care Database via Multi Study Licence ü ü ü
2 Nominated Users ü ü ü
4 Nominated Users   ° ü
Ability to add additional Nominated Users   ü ü
Ability to add Linked Data MSLs   ü ü
HES APC Linked Data (Included)   ü ü
Practice Level IMD Linked Data (Included)   ü ü
Patient Level IMD Linked Data (Included)   ü ü
Rural-Urban Classification Linked Data (Included)   ü ü
Townsend Index Linked Data (Included)   ü ü
Carstairs Index Linked Data (Included)   ü ü
CCG Flag (Included)   ü ü
Office for National Statistics (ONS) Data (Included)     ü
Ability to add Sub-licence Access   ü ü
Ability to use External / Data Sharing Platform   ü ü
Research Services
Name Research Contact   ü ü
Named Account Manager   ü ü
Named Contract Manager   ü ü
Licence Agreement
Flexible T&Cs   ü ü
Flexible payment terms   ü ü
Multi-year agreement options   ü ü






























*Basic MSL and Standard MSL are only available to non-commercial organisations

Individual study dataset licence

Enables access to CPRD primary care datasets which may be sourced from CPRD GOLD, CPRD Aurum or both databases for an individual specific approved study: 

  • Commercial Dataset Licence fee: up to £66,000 
  • Non-Commercial Dataset Licence fee: £16,500


CPRD linked data access fees

  Commercial Non-commercial
Dataset type Dataset                                                      Single study dataset fee Multi-study licence fee Single study dataset fee Multi-study licence fee
Linked NHS Digital datasets:
  • Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) Admitted Patient Care (HES APC) data
  • HES Outpatient (HES OP) data
  • HES Accident & Emergency (HES A&E) data
  • HES Diagnostic Imaging Dataset (HES DID)
  • Death Registration data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS)
£4,400 per dataset £16,500 per dataset £4,400 per dataset £16,500 per dataset
Linked Small Area Level datasets1
  • Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD)
  • Townsend Deprivation Index
  • Carstairs Index
  • Rural-Urban Classification
  • CCG flag
£600 per dataset £5,500 for all datasets £600 per dataset £5,500 for all datasets
Algorithm-derived data Pregnancy Register and Mother-Baby Link2 £7,000 £27,900 £1,800 £7,000
Mother-Baby Link £2,800 N/A £600 N/A
Ethnicity Record £7,000 £27,900 £1,800 £7,000
Linked NHS Digital National Disease Registration Service (NDRS) datasets Cancer registration data £12,800 N/A £12,800 N/A
Cancer registration data + SACT or radiotherapy data £14,100 N/A £14,100 N/A
Cancer registration data + SACT + radiotherapy data £16,300 N/A £16,300 N/A
COVID-19 datasets Second Generation Surveillance System (SGSS) only £4,400 N/A £4,400 N/A
COVID-19 Hospitalisation in England Surveillance System (CHESS) only £4,400 N/A £4,400 N/A
SGSS and CHESS together £7,700 N/A £7,700 N/A
Intensive Care National Audit & Research Centre (ICNARC) Critical Care dataset £7,700 N/A £7,700 N/A





























1 Single-study requests for patient and practice level for the same Small Area Level dataset will be charged £600 only, for e.g., patient level IMD alone is £600, patient level and practice level IMD together is £600. Single-study requests for two different Small Area Level datasets will be charged at £600 each, e.g., patient level RUC and practice level IMD is £1,200.

2 The Pregnancy Register and Mother-Baby Link fees include access to both the CPRD GOLD and CPRD Aurum versions of these registries, i.e. customers may request one version or both versions for a single data access fee. Customers who licence Pregnancy Register data will also be entitled to Mother-Baby Link data without additional charge, subject to the necessary RDG approvals being in place. 

Data redelivery charges

Redelivery charges apply where multiple data requests are submitted for the same study protocol.

  MSL holder and individual dataset study licence holder 
  Primary Care Linked data* NCRAS (top up cost) 
Commercial £11,000 £2,200 £12,800 - £16,300
Non-Commercial £5,500 £1,100 £12,800 - £16,300

*For Individual study dataset licence, linked data must also include primary care data as it cannot be provided separately.



Synthetic data access fees

    MSL holder       Non-MSL holder
Medium-fidelity datasets CPRD GOLD and CPRD Aurum Sample Datasets together £0 £1,500
High-fidelity datasets* CPRD Cardiovascular disease synthetic dataset £200 £200
CPRD COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors synthetic dataset £200 £200

*For non-teaching applications like complex statistical analyses as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) research applications. Where the COVID-19 and Cardiovascular synthetic datasets will be used for teaching, there is a £1,100 fee applicable per dataset.


Please contact for further information or if you have any questions. 

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