Resource modules

We offer training materials to understand CPRD data and services. Researchers wishing to access CPRD data for use in public health research need to read the Resource Modules and the associated documentation linked in these training materials.

The Resource Modules cover:

Introduction to CPRD - Introduces CPRD data, products and services, and the strengths and limitations of CPRD data.

Using CPRD primary care data - Structure of UK healthcare, where CPRD primary care data is collected from, and the different structures of the primary care databases.

Using linked data - How CPRD data is linked to other datasets, how it is updated, and what to consider when using these datasets. 

How to access CPRD data - Useful resources for researchers interested in CPRD data, the process for access, contractual obligations for all researchers.

Defining your study population - Shows the different coding systems researchers need to consider. 

Code browser quick user guide - How to use the tool quickly. The full user guide can be provided upon request.

For MSL holders - ​How the CPRD MSL works, and information specific to organisations that hold an MSL e.g. how to request linked data.

Denominator data - For organisations that hold a CPRD MSL to understand what the denominator data is, and how to use it.

Test your knowledge - A quiz for any researchers that have read these training materials and wish to test their knowledge. This quiz can also provide proof of completion of the Resource Modules. Test your knowledge

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